Student Activities

S.NoName of the Event & Details of the EventDuration
1Workshop on Fire Safety Career Guidance Proam22/09/2021
2Value Added Courseon Dismantling & Assembly Practice of SI, CI CarTransmission Unit25/10/2021 to 29/10/2021
3Value Added Courseon Nano Materials Teclmology for Mechanical Engineers25/10/21 to 29/10/21
4Seminar on E-Learning on Advanced Automotive Teclmologies (Webinar)16/11/2021
5Seminar on Science of Nano materials (Webinar)24/11/2021
6One Day Workshop on Design Now17/11/2021
7Technical Symposium 19/11/2021
8Awareness Program17/12/2021
9One day online WVorkshop on Developing a Mindset for Innovation and Design Thinking12/02/2022
10Five days Skill Development Program on Business Innovation Thinking and Entrepreneurship Development for Women14/02/2022 to 18/02/2022
11Value Added Course on Entrepreneur Skill Development in the field of petroleum and aerospace field04/04/22 to 08/04/22
12Value Added Course on Solid works Associate-Mechanical Design05/04/22 to 09/04/22
13Idea generation on "Ideation Contest on Controlling of sudden & anomic Crisis of a Country"18/04/2022
14Internal Smart India Hackathon 202214/05/2022
15Value Added Course on AUTO CAD19/05/22 to 25/05/22
16One day seminar on procedures and policies for startup companies19/05/2022