1Gypsum Board Panel2022-2023
2Synthesis of TiO2 using powder using precipitation method2022-2023
3Heat transfer on Laser Textured copper subtracts2022-2023
4Synthesis of TiO2 using powder using nano stirred method2022-2023
5Experimental investigation of Aluminium Hybrid metal matrix composites reinforced with silicon nitride, Eggshell and Magnesium2022-2023
6Fabrication of super hydropobhic surface on Aluminum substrate2021-2022
7Design of Jet engine using 3D printing Technique2021-2022
8Solar Powered Electric car2021-2022
9Determination Fabrication Of Solar Powered Air Cooler2020-2021
10Conversion Of Petrol Car In To Electric Car2020-2021
11Tensile Strength And Sem Test Charecterizion On Duplex Stainless Steel 2205 Metal2020-2021
12Development of protoype of nontransfer arc plasma reactor for converting zircon to zirconia2020-2021