1. Mr.K.Thirupathi organized  a seminar about “Solar Photovoltaic System Design and Installation” on 23.09.2021
  2. Mr.S.Vel Murugan organized a seminar about “Solar PV System” on 07.12.2021
  3. Dr.A.Bhuvanesh organized a seminar about “Importance of Energy Conservation” on 14.12.2021
  4. Dr.A.Ram Kumar organized a seminar about “Fundamentals of Wind Energy conversion System” on 19.12.2021
  5. Mr.A.Seetha Raman organized a seminar about “Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights and Research Ethics” on 29.12.2021
  6. Mr.K.Christopher organized a seminar about “Job oriented Courses for Electrical Engineer” on 22.08.2016
  7. Mr.K.Siva Sankaran organized a seminar about “Schemes for Entrepreneurs” on 24.05.2022
  8. Mr. K.Ananthu organized a seminar about “Introduction to MATLAB Programming” on 22.02.2021
  9. Dr.A.Balaji Ganesh organized a Webinar about “Patent Drafting and filing” on 16.11.2020
  10. Mr. Ennam Bogeshwara Rao organized a Webinar about “Rail transport and opportunities” on 15.09.2020
  11. Dr.S.T.Jaya Christa organized a Webinar about “Role of Women and Girls in Science and Technology” on 11.02.2021
  12. Dr. S.Vignesh Kumar organized a Webinar about “Intellectual Property Rights: An imperative necessity for academic research and academicians” on 09.10.2020
  13. Mr. A.Shiva Sankar organized a seminar about “Learn to Lead” on 04.12.2019
  14. Dr.A.Bhuvanesh organized a seminar about “Global energy conservation” on 14.12.2019
  15. Dr.S.Suresh organized a Technical Symposium about “Energy sector post COVID-19” on 8.10.2021
  16. Mr.Ravindar Reddy organized a Workshop about “Matlab Progamming” from 07.06.2021 to 08.06.2021
  17. Mr.S.K.Perumal organized a International Conference about “International Virtual Conference on Power, Information, and Communication (ICPIC)” on 09.05.2021
  18. Dr.M.Arumuga Babu organized a Guest Lecture about “Distributed Generation” on 06.11.2020
  19. Suresh Seetharaman organized a National Conference about “National Level Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering, Technology & Management” on 28.02.2020
  20. Dr.C.Christober Columbus organized a Hands on training about “Hands on training on Arduino” on date