Academic Research

Areas of Research: Power System Optimization, Electric Vehicles, Sensors

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering is inculcating research aptitude among the faculties and research scholars. It encourages research interest among faculties and the exchange of information regarding various aspects of research. The department has three research forums.

Description of Research Works

Electric Vehicles Research Forum

This forum work on electric and hybrid vehicles with the intent of reducing the consumption of fuel. Research activities include: design of converters for EV, drive systems powered by electric motors, modeling and control, development of apps and systems aimed at man-vehicle, vehicle-vehicle and vehicle-structure interaction, making of scaled down and full scale systems and vehicles prototypes. 

Head: Dr. A. Bhuvanesh

Members: Dr. A. Jasmine Gnana Malar, Dr. J. Leema Rose, Prof. A. Shiny Pradeepa

Power System Research Forum

This forum studies the impacts of increasing variable renewable energy (VRE) generation and changing customer behavior on the traditional electrical power system. The research activities are power system operation, network planning and long-term capacity planning functions. This forum’s research focuses extensively on data analytics, the application of machine-learning techniques (such as optimization, classification and clustering) and forecasting / probabilistic methodologies. PSNCET has licensed MATLAB software for simulation. 

Head: Dr. A. Bhuvanesh

Members: Dr. S. Rajasekaran, Dr. A. Jasmine Gnana Malar, Prof. A. Shiny Pradeepa

Sensors Research Forum

This forum is dedicated to advancing sensor technology and its applications in crucial industries such as environment, agriculture, biomedical, and defence. Through pioneering research, this forum has completed numerous projects. This forum strives for excellence and actively contribute to the academic community through publications in top-tier journals. The areas of expertise of this forum encompass gas sensors, water sensors, radiation sensors, photodetectors, memristors, and sensor modules. A centre of Excellence was established jointly by PSNCET and Bosch Rexroth, Germany. The centre is equipped with state of art equipment to teach and train students and professionals in Industrial Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Sensorics, PLC, Robotics, Industrial Automation 4.0 and Mechatronics with world class infrastructure, training kits, hardware, software and teaching aids with excellent faculty trained by BOSCH Rexroth, Germany.

Head: Dr. A. Jasmine Gnana Malar

Members: Dr. S. Rajasekaran, Dr. A. Bhuvanesh, Prof. A. Shiny Pradeepa