Paper Publications

S.NoFaculty NamePaper/Patent TitleJournalYear of Publication
1.Dr. S. KumaresanCoumarin Xanthene Combined Probe for the Multi-Color Detection of Metal Ions and Electrospun Fibers Developed for Real-Time MonitoringJournal of Fluorescence2023
2.Dr. S. KumaresanA highly selective coumarin-based chemosensor for naked-eye detection of cyanide anions via nucleophilic addition in pure aqueous environmentMicrochemical Journal2021
3.Dr. S. KumaresanSynthesis, Characterization and Biological Activity of (Phenylthio)Acetic Acid:Theophylline CocrystalJournal of Chemical Crystallography2021
4.Dr. S. KumaresanNovel water soluble Schiff base metal complexes: Synthesis, characterization, antimicrobial-, DNA cleavage, and anticancer activityJournal of Molecular Structure2020
5.Dr. S. KumaresanGrowth, structural, Hirshfeld surface analysis, DFT validation on the crystal structure of 1, 10-Phenanthrolin-1-ium-5,6-dione perchlorate monohydrate• Chemical Data Collections2021
6.Dr. S. KumaresanCocrystallization of 2,4-Diamino-6-phenyl-1,3,5-triazine with β-(phenylthio)propionic acid: Crystal Structure, Hirshfeld surface, DFT studies and Molecular Docking• Chemical Data Collections 2020
7.Dr. S. KumaresanNovel water soluble Schiff base metal complexes: Synthesis, characterization, antimicrobial-, DNA cleavage, and anticancer activity• Journal of Molecular Structure2020
8.Dr. S. KumaresanSynthesis, characterization and biological studies of a sterically hindered symmetrical nitrogen donor ligand and its metal complexesPolyhedron2021
9.Ms.V.Selva lakshmiNear 3-product cordial labelling of ladder related graphsAn International Science Journal 2021
10Ms.V.Selva lakshmiNear 3-product cordial labelling of Corona related graphsAn International Science Journal 2021
11.Dr.K.AnanthiChromatic number of some zero divisor graphsCompliance Engineering Journal2022
12.Dr.K. Veluraja,PCA-MutPred: Prediction of Binding Free Energy Change Upon Missense Mutation in Protein-carbohydrate ComplexesJournal of Molecular Biology 2022
13.Dr.K. Veluraja,2022Investigations on the binding specificity of β-galactoside analogues with human galectin-1 using molecular dynamics simulationsJournal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics2022
14.Dr.G Vishma GeorgeRadio Square difference D-distance number of snake graphs (Scopus Journal)Neuro Quantology2022
15.Dr.G Vishma GeorgeRadio Square difference D-distance number on degree splitting of graphs (SCI Journal)Jundishapur Journal of Microbiology2022
16.Dr.D.KodimunthiriDesign patent of “Solar Panel”, Design No. 357716—001, Patent2022
17.Dr.G Vishma GeorgeRadio square difference D-distance number of certain Graphs (Scopus Journal)Design Engineering2021
18.Dr.G Vishma GeorgeOn Radio square sum D-distance Number of GraphsInternational Journal of Mathematics and Computer Application2021
19.Dr.G Vishma GeorgeRadio square difference D-distance number of some standard graphInternational Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews2021
20.Dr.G Vishma GeorgeRadio square difference Dd-distance number of some basic GraphsInternational Journal of Mathematics Treds and Technology2021
21.Dr.W.Anbu Durai,Hydrazone based dual-responsive colorimetric and ratiometric chemosensor for the detection of Cu2+/F- ions: DNA tracking, practical performance in environmental samples and tooth pasteThe Journal of Fluorescence2020
22.Dr.W.Anbu Durai,Development of naked-eye colorimetric and turn-on fluorescence sensor for the detection of Al3+ and F- ions: DNA tracking and practical performance as applicationsChemistry Select2020
23.Dr.W.Anbu Durai,A chromogenic and fluorescence turn-on sensor for the selective and sensitive recognition of Al3+ ions - a new approach by Schiff base derivative as probeInorganic Chemistry Communications2020
24.Dr.K. VelurajaDesign of fluorinated sialic acid analog inhibitor to H5 hemagglutinin of H5N1 influenza virus through molecular dynamics simulation studyJournal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics2020
25.Dr.K. Veluraja,ProCaff: protein–carbohydrate complex binding affinity databaseBioinformatics 2020
26.Dr.W.Anbu Durai,A visual and ratiometric chemosensor using thiophene functionalized hydrazone for the selective sensing of Pb2+ and F- ionsThe Journal of Fluorescence2021
27.Dr.W.Anbu Durai,A simple pyrene-thiadiazole based chemosensor probe - Turn-on fluorescence recognition of Pb2+ ionsThe Journal of Chemical Technology2021
28.Dr.K. VelurajaPrediction of protein–carbohydrate complex binding affinity using structural featuresBriefings in Bioinformatics2021
29.Dr.K. Veluraja,Perspectives of polylactic acid from structure to applicationsPolymers from Renewable Resources 2021
30.Dr.W.Anbu Durai,Electrochemical immunosensors - working principle, types, scope, applications and future prospects.Wiley Online Library2019
31.Dr.K. Veluraja,Investigation on the binding specificity of Agrocybe cylindracea galectin towards α(2,6)-linked sialyllactose by molecular modeling and molecular dynamicsJournal of Carbohydrate Chemistry 382019
32.Dr.K. Veluraja,Medicinal Implication of Syzygium Cumini Nut on the Growth of Brushite CrystalsProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, India Section A: Physical 2019
33.Ms.A.Manicka VasukiThe Integrity of Celie's life in Alice Walker's The Color PurpleInternational Journal of English Language, Literature in Humanities.2019
34.Dr .P PitchandiDesign considerations and construction of a solar pond for efficient energy harvesting using a fuzzy controlled TEGInternational Journal of Computer Aided Engineering and Technology2019
35.Mr.A.SanthanamahalingamF-DEMATAL Method to evaluate criteria for affecting productivity in HP valve manufacturing industriesIEEE International conference2019