Laboratory Facilities

The Department is well equipped with state-of-the art laboratories and infrastructural facilities in all the thrust areas. Students get a wide exposure and practical hands on training in the sophisticated equipments during their lab sessions.

Electronic Devices and Circuits Laboratory

  •  Electronic Devices and Circuits Laboratory helps the students can improve their practical knowledge of BJT Configurations, BJT amplifier. 
  • Electronic Devices like Bread Board, CRO, and diode, Transistor, FET, Amplifier and UJT play a very important role in our day-to-day life of Electronics. 
  • Electronic Devices and Circuits in detail so that it helps you solve challenging problems.

Linear Integrated Circuits Laboratory

  • A simple electronic circuit can be designed IC741 easily because it requires few discrete electronic components. 
  • However, designing a Adder, sub tractor, Voltage Regulator & Oscillator circuit is difficult, as it requires more number of discrete electronic components and their connections

Microprocessor and Microcontroller laboratory

  • Microprocessor and Microcontroller laboratory helps the students enhance their knowledge on architecture, Programming and Interfacing of various processors and Microcontrollers.
  • The basic part of any computer is formed by microprocessor on the other microcontroller forms a key component of an embedded system. 
  • A microprocessor can perform operation addition, subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Sorting, Descending, ADC and DAC using 8085&8086, for various different tasks like arithmetic and interfacing device in microcontroller performs the some task.

Digital Signal Processing laboratory

  • Digital Signal Processing laboratory is to impart the knowledge of various DSP Processors like TMS320C5X series. 
  • It is the study of  MATLAB programming, Generation of Signal, IIR &FIR frequency  response for LPF,HPF&BPF program are studied in DSPLAB DSP is a the heart of the digital revolution that brought us CDs, DVDs, MP3 players, mobile phones and countless other devices.

Optical and Microwave laboratory

  • Optical and Microwave laboratory the students are exposed to the microwave  active devices like Klystron, Gunn diode and passive devices isolator, Circulator, Magic tee, Directional coupler, orn antenna Optical fiber is discussed with Attention loss, Propagation loss, analog link & digital link. 
  • Microwave is source for Radar System, Characteristics; Wavelength & SWR are measured in Microwave setup. High frequency circuit are working in the Microwaves.