Laboratory Facilities

The Department is well equipped with state-of-the art laboratories and infrastructural facilities in all the thrust areas. Students get a wide exposure and practical hands on training in the sophisticated equipments during their lab sessions.


  • Houses STATCOM Trainer, Shunt Active Power Filter Trainer, Fuel Cell with accessories and Solar PV Panels.
  • Has got Solar PV-Wind Hybrid system with DC Micro Grid, Performance Assessment Hybrid (Solar wind) Power System.
  • Workbenches have adequate power supply facilities such as single phase supply; three phase supply; +5V, +12V/-12V DC power sources.
  • Provides PC based study of Renewable Energy Sources such as Solar Energy, Wind Energy and Fuel Cell energy sources using MatLab software package.
  • Has got Transformer Oil Testing arrangement to test the dielectric strength of transformer oil.


  • Facilitates the study of all electrical machines including special machines.
  • Has the facility to calibrate different types of instruments.
  • Facilitates study of control systems and its components along with all types of transducers.
  • Provides PC based study of Instrumentation and Control Systems using LabVIEW package.


  • Provides Computer based study of power system, control systems and power electronics using latest simulation packages like MiPower, MATLAB, CSYSLAB, ORCAD, PSPICE, etc.
  • Intranet provision for all conference papers, model aptitude tests, technical advancements etc are provided to the students.
  • Internet connectivity provided for all students and staff.
  • Facility to study Electromagnetic fields using NISA package


  • Has the facility to study all power electronics apparatus and A.C. and D.C. drives.
  • Has got 60 MHz & 150 MHz Digital storage oscilloscopes for analysis & research activities.
  • Separate isolated A.C. supply for measuring instruments.
  • Isolation and current probes for Power Electronics Circuits testing with CRO.