Research Supervisor / Members


S.NoName of the SupervisorDepartmentSupervisor Registration NumberE-mail ID
12Dr.T.Ajith Bosco
18Dr. M.
20Dr. Amirtha Sher
21Dr. W.


S.NoName of the StaffDept.QualificationDesignation
1Dr. K. ChandrasekarAEROM.E., Ph.D.,Professor
2Dr. P. Paul PandianAEROM.E., Ph.D.,Professor
3Dr. P. PitchandiAEROM.E., Ph.D.,Professor
4Dr. N.L. MaharajanAEROM.E., Ph.D.,Professor
5Dr. P. Pon Esaki RajaAEROM.E., Ph.D.,Associate Professor
6Dr. A. Packia Antony AmalanAEROM.E., Ph.D.,Associate Professor
7Dr. N. Vijay PonrajAEROM.E., Ph.D.,Associate Professor
8Dr. P. SubramanianCIVILM.E., Ph.D.,Professor
9Dr. M. Ananth BabuCIVILM.E., Ph.D.,Associate Professor
10Dr. Maria Antony Sebastin VimalanCIVILM.E., Ph.D.,Assistant Professor
11Dr. M. GowriCSEM.E., Ph.D.,Professor
12Dr. S. SudhakarCSEM.E., Ph.D.,Professor
13Dr. M. VargheseCSEM.E., Ph.D.,Professor
14Dr. R. MadhavanCSEM.E., Ph.D.,Associate Professor
15Dr. S. RadhakrishnanCSEM.E., Ph.D.,Associate Professor
16Dr. S. Rajasekaran EEEM.E., Ph.D.,Professor
17Dr. J. Leema RoseEEEM.E., Ph.D.,Associate Professor
18Dr. A.BhuvaneshEEEM.E., Ph.D.,Associate Professor
19Dr. A. Jasmine GnanamalarEEEM.E., Ph.D.,Associate Professor
20Dr. S. J. Ben ChristoperEEEM.E., Ph.D.,Assistant Professor
21Dr. T. Ajith Bosco RajECEM.E., Ph.D.,Professor
22Dr. S.P. UmayalECEM.E., Ph.D.,Professor
23Dr. T. RajeshECEM.E., Ph.D.,Professor
24Dr. P. RadhikaECEM.E., Ph.D.,Professor
25Dr. C. MariyalECEM.E., Ph.D.,Associate Professor
26Dr. K. Sakthi MuruganECEM.E., Ph.D.,Associate Professor
27Dr, A, AhilanECEM.E., Ph.D.,Associate Professor
28Dr. R. Soundara Raja PandianECEM.E., Ph.D.,Assistant Professor
29Dr. R. Sathish RajaMARINEM.E., Ph.D.,Professor
30Dr. M. MurugananthamMARINEM.E., Ph.D.,Associate Professor
31Dr. A. M. ShanawazM & AM.E., Ph.D.,Professor
32Dr. P. K. ManikandapirapuM & AM.E., Ph.D.,Associate Professor
33Dr. V. ManikandanMECHM.E., Ph.D.,Professor
34Dr. P. SelvakumarMECHM.E., Ph.D.,Professor
35Dr. M. VijayakumarMECHM.E., Ph.D.,Professor
36Dr. Y. Carlin CalaphMECHM.E., Ph.D.,Associate Professor
37Dr. S. ThillikkaniMECHM.E., Ph.D.,Associate Professor
38Dr. K. GangadharanMECHM.E., Ph.D.,Associate Professor
39Dr. P S P. Sankar GaneshMECHM.E., Ph.D.,Associate Professor
40Dr. K. Arun PrasathMECHM.E., Ph.D.,Assistant Professor
41Dr. K. VelurajaSOBESM.Sc., Ph.D.,M.Sc., Ph.D.,
42Dr. S. KumaresanSOBESM.Sc., Ph.D.,Professor
43Dr. Amirtha Sher GillSOBESM.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.,Professor
44Dr. K. AnanthiSOBESM.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.,Associate Professor
45Dr. D. Kodi MunthiriSOBESM.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.,Associate Professor
46Dr. W. AnbuduraiSOBESM.Sc., Ph.D.,Assistant Professor
47Dr. G. Vishma GeorgeSOBESM.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.,Assistant Professor
48Dr. R. MurugesanLIBRARYM.L.I.Sc.,M.Phil., Ph.D.,Librarian