The Controller Of Examination

Attendance Requirements:

The minimum attendance requirement is 80% calculated as the ratio of actual number of classes attended to the actual number of classes conducted during the semester.

Any student who does not meet the minimum attendance requirement is not allowed to appear for the End-semester examinations and has to join the same semester during the next academic year. If the student is detained due to lack of attendance during the odd semester , the student is not allowed to continue the semester during that academic year and has to join the same semester during the next academic year. Internal assessment scores are not carried forward.

The Minimum Attendance Requirement Is Relaxed By 10%

1) In case of ailments requiring rest supported by a registered medical practitioner in writing in the of a Medical certificate stating the diagnosis

2)  representing the institute or the Affiliating University with prior permission in sports and other approved curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular activities.

Marks For Attendance Is Based On The Percentage Of Attendance.

* (95 & >95 %5 marks
90 & <95%4 marks
85 & <90%3 marks
>80 & <85%2 marks
= 80%1 mark
< 80 %0 mark

On duty leave (Max:10%) availed by the students may be considered when awarding the internal marks for theory and practicals, provided the students give the required certificates for onduty leave.

Passing Requirements:

A candidate who secures not less than 50% of the total marks (Continuous Internal Assessment + end semester examination) prescribed shall be declared to have passed the examination (U.G & P.G). For U.G courses the passing minimum in end semester examination is 45% in theory, practical and project work and for the P.G courses the passing minimum for end semester examination is 50% in theory, practical and project work. There is no passing minimum for continuous internal assessment. The internal assessment mark is valid for 3 attempts only. If a candidate who secure a minimum of 45% but failed to secure 50% of total marks in his/her first three attempts, then the end semester marks only will be considered for declaring the results in his/her future attempts and the candidates have to secure a minimum 50% in the end semester examination.

Declaration Of Results:

When declaring the results of a candidate letter grades will be used. As in the University, the following seven point grading system will be used.

MarkGrade pointsLetter Grade
< 500U