7.3. Institution Distinctiveness


  •  PSN College of Engineering and Technology (PSNCET) was established in the year 2001 with 3 undergraduate engineering programmes in an extreme rural village, Melathediyoor, Tirunelveli district in Tamilnadu.
  •  It has progressed itself in every stage and crossed several mile stones during the past 20 years of its existence and today the college offers 9 undergraduate and 8 postgraduate programmes in engineering.
  •  Besides, 5 departments are recognized as research centres by Anna University, Chennai. The college became autonomous in 2012 and accredited by NAAC.
  •  PSNCET  makes  consistent  efforts  in  fulfilling  its  social  responsibilities towards the downtrodden sections of the society.
  •  This has paved way for the rural youth, mostly first generation learners, to take up higher education and have raised them to greater heights, both professionally and economically.
  •  The establishment of the college has also created job opportunities for rural people of the neighbourhood. Our College always distinct by involving various academic and non-academic activities.
  •  In that one of the uniqueness while comparing to other colleges, PSNCET march towards technological development and welfare of the student community.
  •  Connexion to this, a Centre of excellence was established to develop the multidisciplinary knowledge of the students and faculties in research and automation.


                                                                   “THE COLLEGE IS KEEN AND DISTINCTIVE IN THE ENHANCEMENT IN CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE”



  • Taking into consideration the scope and future of automation industry in India and abroad, this centre focuses on providing industrial training to students and industry.
  • The centre is established at a cost of Rupees 6.4 crores jointly by PSN College of Engineering and Technology and BOSCH Rexroth, Germany.
  • The centre is equipped with state of art equipment to teach and train students and professionals in Industrial Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Sensorics, PLC, Robotics and Mechatronics with world class infrastructure, training kits, hardware, and software and teaching aids with excellent faculty trained by BOSCH Rexroth, Germany.
  • The course curriculum has also been designed taking care of international training standards of BOSH Rexroth worldwide.
  • The participants had been exposed to various automation aspects for improving knowledge in the field of sensor technology and pneumatic drives.
  • Both class room and laboratory training techniques had been adopted and it is highly beneficial for Engineering, Diploma and ITI students for increasing their employment potential.
  • Through  this  PSNBRCE,  all  of  the  student  and  staff  communities  were benefited by learning automation courses. These automation courses enhance to cover all the multidisciplinary areas in one forum.
  • The centre continuously conducts courses for the students by trained faculties and industrial resource persons.
  • The students are divided into batches and the training, workshop, internships, short term courses, diploma course, projects were conducted.
  • To increase the students interest in the extra-curricular activities via conducting workshop, training, internships and projects through this centre.
  • To promote industry institute collaboration and trained the students to meet the industrial technological needs.
  • The centre of excellence supports for students final year main projects by developing a component with industry support. Centre of excellence act as a bridge between the student and industry to make institute industry interaction successful one. The list of courses offered was shown below,

2.PSNCET NI Centre of Excellence

  •  PSNCET NI Centre of Excellence, center of excellence was established in 2016 under the department of Electronic and Communication Engineering in collaboration with National Instruments pvt. Ltd the world’s largest company dedicated to virtual instrumentation technology.
  • Lab VIEW (Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench) is gaining its popularity as a graphical programming language not only for data acquisition and measurement but also for designing intelligent controllers for real time control purposes.
  • Lab VIEW fundamentals, Measurement and Automation software Lab VIEW, Graphical Programming for data acquisition & control, Create a Lab VIEW application that acquires, analyses, and visualizes data, Data Acquisition system with Lab VIEW.
  • The active participation and interaction of the students gives the result of success to this organized value added programme on PC-Based Real Time Data Acquisition Using LABVIEW.
  •  After decades of working with and helping build strong software teams, we have found that three pillars are essential for ongoing success: engineer good software, engage in community learning, and ensure technical leadership.
  • Certification is awarded after an extensive audit and validates that the development team integrates in the part of the curriculum.

3.PSNCET Intel Centre of Excellence

4.PSNCET 3D Printing Technology Enhanced Centre

  • In the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the 3D Printing Technology Enhanced Centre was started for the students to understand the 3D printing technology.
  • In this centre, preliminarily installed with two printers one with Fusion Deposition Modelling Polymer and another printer with Fusion Deposition Modelling Metal and Polymer.
  • This helps students to learn and create their illusionistic world of objects in to real one.