Our Founder & Chairman


Founder and Chairman


“The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth” John F. Kennedy

I extend a very warm and hearty welcome to you to PSN College of Engineering and Technology, popularly known as PSNCET. The PSNCET spins around the golden lexis of John F. Kennedy.

When you entered this world as a new born, you were a blank slate, with little option for thinking or acting. As you began to find meaning in the world around you, millions of nerve connections were formed in your brain, during the first two years of your life. The experiences were stored in your memory for future references. It was programmed by your near and dears in your life, tapping on your Computer Keyboard which indicated your sight, sound, smell, taste and touch sensors. As you grew up, the varied programming received were, perhaps , negative or neutral and rarely positive.

Thus, you ended up adopting the opinions and beliefs of the world around you. Instead of listening to outside suggestions as an adult, you need to rely on auto-suggestions to decide on who you are, and what you can do with the rest of your lives. You cannot turn off that “little voice” inside you. In this institution, we help you to listen to your own voice, to grasp your own strength, sharpen your minds, soften your hearts, and mould your souls. We give you a vigorous training in a relaxed environment. We motivate you and give you the required support you need, to realize your infinite source of energy. We believe your growth is unlimited and you can produce admirable results. Yes, we believe! You are most cordially welcome to our PSN Group Of Institutions in general and PSNCET in particular.