Policy Document on Code of Ethics

PSN College of Engineering and Technology (PSNCET) is committed towards following ethical and lawful environment in the all the levels of activities inside the campus. The ethical behaviour focuses on the discipline of the staff members and students. The ethical policy of the campus includes,

  1. Integrity

All the staff members and students are asked to follow ethical conduct and standard. Integrity is a practice that shows strong ethical and moral principles.

  1. Honesty

The college is committed to the fact of the moral characters. The college is committed to an honest learning and working environment for the students and faculty members.

  1. Fairness

PSNCET is maintain a fair environment in all of its decision-making and actions.

  1. Respect

PSNCET treats all persons with respect and a joyful face.   

  1. Trust

The healthy environment of the PSNCET campus is built full of trees and trust. All the ethical principles will always promote very good trust for the students and employees.

  1. Diversity

The multicultural environment of the college promotes diversity among the staff members and students.

  1. Respect for Environment

In all of the possible ways, the college contributed to maintaining environmental sustainability.

                                                                 CODE OF CONDUCT FOR ADMINISTRATORS

  • Ensure the work of the staff members, and supporting staff members.
  • Act as a conversant to the polices designed by the institution, and implementation.
  • Ensure the duties allocation to the fellow staff members based their qualification.
  • Ensure the goals of the institution are disseminated properly across the stack holders towards their responsibilities.
  • Support the fellow faculties to upgrade their knowledge and skills.
  • Act as a liaison between the administrators and staff members.
  • Ensure the all-budgeting activities, approval and its fair implementation.
  • Exercise the caution towards favorism and does not encourage further.
  • Ensure that authorative powers are not misused.
  • Ensure the exchange of information to the external agencies will be precise and not ambiguous.

                                                              CODE OF CONDUCT FOR FACULTIES AND STAFF

  • Faculties should come to the class 5 minutes earlier, before the starting of the next class, if they having classes, at least in the correct time without exception.
  • Every faculty must take the attendance at the beginning of the class
  • All the faculty must engage the class till end the session.
  • If any faculty finding, a student committing any misconduct inside the classroom or in the premises, shall take immediate action or report the issue to the principal.
  • Every staff member should develop their knowledge by attending faculty development programs (FDP’s) and other programs on their area of interest.
  • All the staff members of the department should coordinate and show their fullest cooperation in all of the department activities.
  • All the staff members are work for the development of the students by organizing various skilled programs for the students.
  • Faculties of the institute does not show any favouritism to the parents and students.

Faculties shall maintain a respectable work conduct follows as,

  • Preparation of class with latest course content as earlier as possible.
  • Always use latest pedagogy technique to take class in systematic manner.
  • Always follow session plan for taking class and complete the syllabus for the semester before the deadline.
  • Assignments should give for all of the course content and the faculties should evaluate in time and give recommended comments.
  • Faculties should ensure, the arrangement of classrooms and cleanness of the students.
  • Always provide leave for the students only with prior permission from parents.
  • Inform students absenteeism immediately to the parents, if they are not got prior permission.

Faculties shall observe good personal conduct in terms of,

  • Not utilizing any oppressive language towards students, individual educators, guardians and other individuals from public.
  • Not going into squabbles, battles or any demonstration of disrespectable nature.
  • Not connecting any action of business inside or outside the school premises, counting cash loaning, peddling for the offer of any article or dissemination of any ware.
  • Rigorously not to member with any political association this may cause struggle of interest with the obligations of the instructor and the standing of the foundation.

                                                                   CODE OF CONDUCT FOR STUDENTS

  • Students should obey the rules and regulations of the college for all of the activities.
  • Students should come to the class within time.
  • Proper dress code should be followed for both boys and girls.
  • Boys should wear only formal shirts and pants, while coming to the class.
  • Wearing jeans pants, T-shirts, and drawing awkward tattoos are not permitted for students.
  • Girls should wear chudidhars with dupatta pinned on either side of the shoulders.
  • In between the class hours students won’t allow outside from the class without any cause of emergency with prior permission.
  • During class hours the students are not allow to sit outside the classrooms and corridors.
  • All the extra-curricular and co-curricular circulars must be displayed in the department notice board.
  • For all the students laboratory uniform is mandatory when they are inside the laboratory.
  • Students should maintain discipline inside the classroom and campus.
  • Students should wear their I.D cards, when they are inside the college premises.
  • After the college in time is over then, hosteller students should go to their rooms directly, if they want to go somewhere else, they must get permission from their warden and leave.
  • Students should maintain the special emphasis discipline and good conduct in the institution.
  • Students are not allowed to visit opposite genders residence.
  • Days scholar students should not enter into the hostel without prior permission from the Principal.
  • Students are not allowed to form any unrecognized union or meeting inside the college premises.
  • If any of the student involved in any of the disciplinary activities should be punished with the knowledge of their parents/ guardian.
  • Students are not allowed to celebrate birthdays and parties inside the campus.

                                                                CODE OF CONDUCT FOR GOVERNING BODIES

  • Governing body members are required to respect the confidentiality of sensitive information whispered by the institution.
  • Member of Governing body, does not share the information discussed in the meetings (discussions and decisions from the higher officials).
  • Governing body members are requested to attend all the Governing body meetings.
  • Governing body members must commit vigorously towards the ethical policies of the institution.
  • Governing body members should not get benefits from the outsiders for the benefits of the any of the institutional activities.