PSNCET Business Innovation And Incubation Centre (PSNCETBIIC)




PSN College of Engineering and Technology(PSNCET), Tirunelveli, was established by the PSN Educational and Charitable Trust in the year 2001under the leadership of Dr. P. Suyambu a multi – tasked personality with admirable academic brilliance.

The College is located at Melathediyoor, 12km away from Tirunelveli unfolding its grandeur over 27 acres of land. The College exhibits an attractive panorama conducive to education and research due to its serene surroundings covered by green trees at the backdrop of mountains with birds chirping all time.



To create a stimulating environment for business growth and sustainable new product development.


      1. 1. To promote student community towards the business environment.
      2. 2. To promote entrepreneurial spirit among the students.
      3. 3. To promote uniqueness among the student community by providing employment through business development centre.



To create a progressive environment for the student to develop their own business ideas for their self development.


      1. 1. To develop Entrepreneurial culture among students, staffs and the local community.
      2. 2. To aid the arrangement of both innovation and non- innovation drove business to support their effective turn of events.
      3. 3. To situate PSNCETBIIC and the local community to jump on the new business with an open door environment for the new product development.
      4. 4. To give experiential learning environment and internships for students.
      5. 5. To make jobs for graduating students of various engineering streams.
      6. 6. To make good earnings for students in their native places.
      7. 7. To extend the amazing open doors for students and the local community to develop their ideas with the support of the PSNCETBIIC.

Centre Head:


Dr. K. Arunprasath, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, PSNCET.




S.NoName of the staffDesignationDepartment/Industry
1Dr. P. SelvakumarInternal Member/AdvisorExecutive Director
2Dr.D. BalamuruganInternal Member/AdvisorManagement Studies
3Mr. K. SundarajanInternal Member/AdvisorManagement Studies
4Dr.S.P.UmayalInternal Member/Centre HeadIQAC Coordinator
5Dr. M. VijayakumarInternal MemberMechanical Engineering
6Dr. A. BhuvaneshInternal MemberEEE
7Dr.G.KarmegasundarajInternal MemberCSE
8Dr. T. RajeshInternal MemberECE
9Dr. S. SivakumarInternal MemberMech & Auto
10Dr.P.PaulpandianInternal MemberAero
11Er.S.ManimekalaiExternal MemberProprietor, Vikram Engineering Industry, Vazhavandhankottai, Tiruchirapalli
12Mr. ThirupathiExternal MemberManaging Director, Quantum Power Systems, Meenakshipuram, Tirunelveli

Student Members:

S.NoName of the studentYearDepartment
1Mr. R. AravinthanIIIMech
2Mr. P. MathavanIIIMech
3Ms. K. KaviyaIIIEEE
4Mr. C. Mohan rajIIIEEE
5Ms. S. MahalakshmiIIIECE
6Mr. R. NaveenIIIECE
7Ms. M. LavanyaIIICSE
8Ms. A. Kaveri ThangamIIICSE
9Ms. S. ElakkiyaIIIECE
10Mr. P. MariyappanIVMech & Auto


Innovation And Start-Up Policy:



List Of Activities:

S.NoName of the ActivityLink
1Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp (09.12.2019 to 11.12.2019)View
2Seminar on Entrepreneurship and Start up (05.01.2021)View
3Workshop on B-PLAN (19.01.2021)View
4Seminar on “Entrepreneurship and Start up” (30.01.2021)View
5Workshop on “Entrepreneurship Development” (26-10-2021)View
6Workshop on Entrepreneurship Development (03.02.2022)View