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Procedure and Policies

Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities

  • The college has well defined procedure and policy for maintain the academic process as well physical and support facilities offered by the college. The academic process begins with an academic planning and implementation. This includes finalization of faculty for academic courses offered for the department as well as interdepartmental programs. This is followed by the finalization of electives offered in the higher semesters, preparation of lesson plan and delivery methodologies for each course by the faculty in-charge. The question bank for each course is made available.

  • Civil maintenance of the college is headed by a faculty of Civil engineering department. Plumbing works, carpentry, sewage treatment plant, masonry works and gardening come under the faculty in-charge. The nomination of faculty in-charge is on rotational basis for every three years.

  • Computers and UPS are maintained by a team of qualified technical staff appointed for the purpose. The team is headed by the Systems Manager and supported by three Assistant Managers for hardware, software and website sections. Computers and UPS maintenance work is monitored by a faculty of CSE department nominated by the Principal on rotational basis.

  • Electrical maintenance in the college campus is done by a team of electrical engineers and electricians headed by a senior faculty member of electrical engineering department. As per the directions of the faculty the Electrical Engineer executes the maintenance and new installations through Supervisors. The team has six electricians and two wiremen.

  • Maintenance of laboratory and workshop equipments are taken care of by the respective lab-in charge and workshop in-charge. All maintenance works related to laboratories and workshop are done by the advice of the respective Heads of department.

  • Library is headed by the Librarian. He is supported by an Assistant Librarian, Assistants and Attenders. The library is 24x7 operational and students are permitted to use the library on a time of their choice other than regular class hours. The college is particular in adding new books to the library every year and also subscribes online and printed journals for the students to upgrade their knowledge and skills.

  • The dispensary is headed by a Medical Officer. She is supported by two nurses and one pharmacist. Twelve beds are available to treat in-patients. Treatment in the dispensary is provided free of cost for the staff, students and nearby villagers.

  • Physical Education department is headed by a Physical Director who is responsible for preparing sports students for competitions. The department also provides training in yoga. The Physical Director is supported by a team of Assistant Physical Directors, Markers and Attenders.

  • The college has more than 25 buses plying in all routes covering Nagercoil (South), Thoothukudi (East), Ambasamudaram (West) and Kovilpatti (North). In addition to this the college also has cars for picking and dropping experts and one ambulance providing 24x7 services in the college dispensary. The transport facilities of the college is looked after by the Vehicles Manager. He is supported by Supervisors and Clerical Assistant.